In the Advertising Center, you are able to approve Suggestions to better help you optimize your campaigns. With these Suggestions, you will receive a Confidence and Importance interval that lets you know how confident the system is in the suggestion and how important it deems the suggestion. For more information on Suggestions, the Confidence and Importance sliders, and how these work together, please check out this article.

At first, you may receive Suggestions that have a low Confidence and Importance interval as the system is reviewing your information. You will begin to receive stronger Suggestions the longer the campaign is active. Below is an example of a Suggestion with a relatively low Confidence interval, but high Importance.

We recommend to not approve Suggestions that have a low Confidence and Importance interval without reviewing the Suggestion in depth to ensure that the Suggestion is the best for your campaign. For example, if you receive a Suggestion that wants you to change the match type of a keyword, but you notice the Suggestion has a very low Confidence and Importance interval, it may be best to hold off on approving the Suggestion until the intervals are raised.Β 

In this case, you can delay the suggestion if you wish. Delaying a Suggestion will allow you to see if the Confidence and Importance interval raises over time. You can do this by checking the boxes to the left of the Suggestion and then select "Action On Selected" at the top right. Below is an example of what this looks like:

Essentially, the stronger the Confidence and Importance intervals, the stronger the Suggestion. This means that the strongest Suggestions are recommended to use to better optimize your campaign.Β 


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