Amazon’s security requirements limit access to personally identifiable information (PII) for buyers. Due to Amazon's data protection policies for developers, third-party messaging tools like Feedback Genius are not allowed to store your customers' Personally Identifiable Data (PID).

Amazon considers these data points to be Personally Identifiable Data (PID):

  1. Buyer Full Name 

  2. Buyer First Name

  3. Recipient Name

  4. Shipping Address Line 1

  5. Shipping Address Line 2

  6. Shipping Phone

  7. Shipping City

What does this mean for your Feedback Genius messages?

Regardless of how you’re sending review solicitations, you need to check them for readability and possible updating. If you have email templates, you should:

  • Remove any PII variables that aren’t critical.

  • For critical ones, consider replacing with a general term, like “there.”  e.g.: “Hello there" instead of “Hello [first-name].

  • It’s also a good time to review your email templates to make sure they work with your current brand and style. 

If you are using variables, and messages are still sending, depending on the variable we will do the following: 

[[first-name]] will populate with the placeholder "Customer"
[[buyer-name]] will populate with the placeholder "Customer"
[[ship-address1]] will not populate with any content
[[ship-address2]] will not populate with any content
[[ship-city]] will not populate with any content

All software providers are required to comply with this new standard, not just Seller Labs PRO.


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