We’re excited to introduce Suggestion Automation within Ignite. This feature is one that you can turn on or off for each campaign you run.  We've written a help article that will walk you through the necessary steps required to start automatically accepting your Suggestions.

Enjoy the time savings! 😉 

Click on Automation from your left navigation under Advertising:

Enable Automation by clicking "Automate My Suggestions":

Click "Create New":

Search for and select a Campaign to Automate:

Set Importance, Confidence, and Advanced Settings:

A short video below shows how you can configure your Automation, define the parameters within, as well as disable and re-enable the Automation:

Accessing Suggestion Automation from the Campaigns Table (1 by 1 editing):


Need help? Our support team is more than happy to assist you. 🙂

  • Connect via the in-app chat icon, located in the bottom-right of your screen while logged into any of our apps.

  • Check out our Knowledge Base, to see if your question has been asked before. 

  • Make an appointment with us for more direct support 

  • Call our support line at 404-909-8251, from 9am-5pm Eastern, Monday-Friday 

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