⏳ It takes about 1 minute to complete this step (time will vary depending on the number of products you have).

❓ Why should I complete this step? 

  • If you insert your product name into a subject line or message (using the [[product-name]] variable), the entire product title from Amazon will be inserted, for example: 

"Thank you for ordering a Savorliving 12-Blade Extra Large Apple Slicer, Corer, Cutter, Wedger, Divider for [up to 4 Inch Apples] - Ultra-Sharp 100% 18/8 Stainless Steel Blade!"

... not an ideal looking subject line!

By using the Short Name feature in Feedback Genius, you can assign this product the short name "Savorliving Apple Slicer". Now your subject line will look like this:

"Thank you for ordering a Savorliving Apple Slicer!"

⚡️Assigning short names to your products is an easy way to instantly improve your messages. 

Better subject lines and messages = better open rates and customer experience, leading to better feedback and reviews.



Go to the Product Review Notification page, under Communications in your left navigation, and locate the product for which you want to add/edit a short name.

  • Enter your product's short name in the short name field and click on the disk icon to save your changes.
  • From then on, whenever you use a [[product-name]] variable, the variable will now render the product's assigned short name instead of the product title on Amazon.

Please note: The short name functionality is limited to 70 characters and the characters limit cannot be increased beyond 70. The 70 character limit includes spaces. 

🙌 All done! 

"How will I know if I've completed this step correctly?"

  • ✅ Any time I navigate to the Product Review Notification page, I see Short Names for products that I entered and saved.
  • ✅ When I view my sent messages, I see the Short Name appear wherever I used the [[product-name]] variable.

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