It is important to understand the difference between "product reviews" and "seller feedback". They are distinct and affect your success on Amazon in different ways. For both product reviews and seller feedback, Amazon considers 5-4 stars to be positive, 3 stars to be neutral, and 2-1 stars to be negative.
Product reviews are linked directly to the specific product a customer purchases and can include a rating out of 5-stars and/or a written response. This is a helpful link to Amazon's Customer Product Reviews, on what is prohibited behavior when it comes to product reviews. 

Product Reviews, can be found on the Received Messages page under Communications in your left navigation.

**Please note, you do have to be tracking products to be able to pull in the product reviews. To learn how to Set Up Review Tracking and Notifications check out that article!

Seller feedback is an evaluation of the customer service experience delivered by the merchant. Seller feedback is especially pertinent to the shipment and delivery processes of merchant-fulfilled orders. 

To find your seller feedback, click on the Received Messages page under Communications in your left navigation, then click the Seller Feedback tab. All of your seller feedback will automatically be pulled into this page. 

If you would like some help to Improve Your Feedback Rating, there is an Amazon article with some best practices. 


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