⏳Give yourself 10 minutes to complete this step.

Why do I have to do this step? 

Your Feedback Genius account will only display product reviews for products that are tracked. You must set up this tracking. 

You can also set up text and email notifications for negative seller feedback and product reviews that you track. 

⚠️ Note: This step does NOT impact the messages you send.


Step 1: Go to the Product Review Notifications page under Communications in your left navigation.

Step 2: Select which products you want to track. 

Please note product review tracking is only available for products on the United States amazon.com marketplace.

  • Toggle the switch next to the products you want to track. 

⚡️ Note: In most cases, tracking ONE child ASIN will pull in reviews for all variations of the product, so there's no need to track more than one variation!

Our Seller Labs Pro plan includes review tracking as part of the subscription!

Step 3: Within 24 hours, we'll pull in all your reviews for the products you selected to track. 

  • You will find product reviews in the "Product Reviews" tab.
  • Seller Feedback will be found in the "Seller Feedback" tab.

What is the difference between Feedback and Reviews?

  • Feedback refers to Seller Feedback - the customer's 1-5 star rating of you, the seller. 
  • Product Reviews, on the other hand, are the customer's 1-5 star rating of the product.

Step 4: Turn on your negative review and feedback text and email notifications.

Please note these notifications are only available during the trial period and on paid subscriptions.

  • You can be notified to email and/or text message when you receive Seller Feedback or Product Reviews with 3 or less stars.
  • Go to your Settings page under Communications in your left navigation.
  • Edit the email addresses you want to receive notifications.
  • Add a phone number if you want text notifications.

🙌 All done! 

"How will I know if I've completed this step correctly?"

  • ✅ I see my products listed on the Products Review Notification page.
  • ✅ In the products table on the Products Review Notification page, I see check marks for products I want to track for reviews.
  • ✅ 24 hours after I start tracking a product, I see reviews for that product on the Product Reviews page (if there are existing reviews).
  • ✅ I receive an email or text alert for new product reviews or seller feedback of 3-stars or less.

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