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πŸ“Œ ESSENTIAL ADVERTISING CENTER SETUP #3: How do I use the "Suggestions" Tab?
πŸ“Œ ESSENTIAL ADVERTISING CENTER SETUP #3: How do I use the "Suggestions" Tab?

Manage your suggestions for all of your campaigns in one easy location!

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There are two ways you can access your suggestions. The first, is from the hamburger menu in the top left corner, under Advertising you can click on "Suggestions". This allows you to easily view and accept the suggestions, without having to go into each individual campaign.

You can filter which suggestions you want to see by campaign, keyword, suggestion type, and confidence/importance level:

The second way to access your suggestions, is by going into a specific campaign, and clicking on the "Suggestions" tab. This will auto filter the suggestions to only show you the ones for that campaign.

At the top of the Suggestions page, you'll find a Confidence and Importance slider, in additional to the Keyword and Campaign Name search filter. Using these two rankings can help narrow in on the most important, and highest in confidence, Suggestions that the Advertising Center has to offer.

To read more about the Confidence and Importance sliders, click here, but we wanted to point out how useful it is when getting started with Suggestion approvals.
You can also Approve, Delay, or choose to not show (archive) suggestions. Keep in mind that the new "Suggestions" page allows you to take the same actions in bulk! After filtering for the Suggestions you'd like to edit, select the check box to the left for each suggestion you want to take action on, then click on the Action dropdown menu:Β 

Don't forget to "explore detail" for each suggestion, by clicking the drop-down arrow, so that you can understand what action to take based on the recommendation.

We hope you enjoy the new updates, and know that future additional enhancements will be added as our team continues to improve the use of the Suggestion engine.


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