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πŸ“Œ ESSENTIAL ADVERTISING CENTER SETUP #2: What are the "Confidence" and "Importance" sliders?
πŸ“Œ ESSENTIAL ADVERTISING CENTER SETUP #2: What are the "Confidence" and "Importance" sliders?

The Ad Center will display/filter different Suggestions depending on what you have the "Confidence" and "Importance" levels set to.

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Each suggestion provided by the Advertising Center has a "Confidence" and "Importance" rating indicating how confident the system is in the suggestion and how important it deems the suggestion. Confidence increases as your campaigns have more data, and the Importance increases as it determines if there is more at stake.

We provide sliders so you can choose what suggestions you wish to view and give you the ability to filter against the most important Suggestions available. If you want to view all suggestions, you can leave the sliders ranging from 0% to 100%. If you want more confident suggestions, that have a stronger ranking, you can adjust the sliders to only show a higher percentage such as 70%-100%.

Expanding each Suggestion will give you insight into why the Advertising Center has brought this prospective change to your attention. Clicking on the drop-down will show a brief explanation of the Suggestion, and then you can choose to take further action, delay the Suggestion to allow the Advertising Center to collect more data, or dismiss the action altogether.

In the example below, you can see this sample Suggestion shows an Importance rating of 85%, while only having a Confidence of 48%.

Expanding the drop-down arrow, to the far left, will show me more detail:

Based on this sample data, we can see that in the past 187 days, this keyword has gotten 13 clicks costing the seller $7.41 and has gotten no conversions from those clicks. Of course, this is only sample data, but you should see very similar Suggestions with the live data that your Campaigns generate over time.

The Advertising Center's Suggestion engine takes into account many factors, but the most important one for users is to set both a target ACOS (Average Cost of Sale) and Daily Budget for each campaign, so that the Advertising Center's Suggestions are as accurate and valid as possible. Otherwise, if you have a zero target ACOS, you may find that the Suggestions will be inaccurate or strange.


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