👀Double Check Your Seller Labs Account Setup

  1. Connect your marketplaces through MWS
  2. Invite Seller Central
  3. Change your User Permissions

📌Essential Feedback Genius Setup

  1. Add an Approved Sender to Feedback Genius
  2. Create your first automated message
  3. Set up Review Tracking and Notifications

💪 Optimize Your Feedback Genius Account

  1. Write Short Names for Your Product Titles in Emails
  2. Auto-Forward to the Blacklist for Opted-Out Buyers
  3. Utilize Advanced Message Filters!


Need help? Our support team is happy to assist you! 🙂

  • Connect via the in-app chat icon, located in the bottom-right of your screen while logged into any of our apps
  • Search the Knowledge Base to see if your question has already been answered 
  • Make an appointment with us for more direct support 
  • Call our support line at (404) 909-8251 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday 

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