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Why are my messages not sending?
Why are my messages not sending?

New active messages take about 24 hours to begin sending. You should also double-check your account setup and message filters.

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There can be a number of things that can stop your messages from sending. Read through the list below to see if you have everything set up right. 

Is your storefront connected? 

In order for the Communication Center to send messages to your customers, your Selling Partner API should be connected. You can check its status on the Connections page. If you see the green sign, it means you are all set! If you see the Connect or Reconnect wording, please click this wording it and follow the instructions. Please find more information about Selling Partner API on this link.

Within 24 hours of connecting your store, you should see your orders from Amazon reflected on your Performance page: 

You can also check the active status of your connected marketplaces, from your Connections page.

Do you have active message templates? 

Once you switch the status of your automated message from "Pause" to "Active" (or if you edit your message content or filters), the messages can take up to 24 hours to begin sending to customers. If 24 hours have elapsed and no messages were sent, reach out to our support team! (Tip: If you need help getting your messages set up in the first place, check out our guide here)
Another thing to keep in mind is that messages are sent on real "Order Events." If you just started selling from your store, then depending on your message's "Message Trigger" filters, you may not see messages send for a few days after getting setup because your orders have not reached the events setup in your messages.

AFN vs. MFN: Do you ship any of your orders through a third party merchant instead of Amazon's Fulfillment Network? 

Seller Central Integration is an integration that enables Merchant-Fulfilled Sellers to send messages on Delivery Events, as well as other additional features. If this applies to your business, please see our "Seller Central Integration Walkthrough" for more information.


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