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Feedback Genius provides a number of advanced filters to help you target your customers with messages that resonate.

To access Advanced Filters: 

Open a message from the Custom Messages page under Communications in your left navigation. Click on the green "Continue" button and the "Show Advanced Filters" links.

Feedback Genius offers more than 10 different advanced filters. These optional filters give you flexibility and power to send buyers targeted and relevant messages based on a number of factors.

Click below to read more about each advanced filter:

  1. When order was placed
  2. Specific products
  3. Shipping channel/ country
  4. Condition of item
  5. Price
  6. A/B testing
  7. Retails vs Wholesale order
  8. If buyer has already left feedback, if buyer has returned item
  9. Repeat purchases

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Continue reading for a description of each advanced filter and examples of when you might use them!

1. Advanced Filters for When Order Was Placed:

For order between the dates - pick a start and end date range for your message to be sent.

  • 💡  Example use case: You want to craft a holiday message that will only send to orders between Black Friday and Christmas Eve.
  • 💡  Example use case: You discover that a batch of your products were defected and sent during a specific time frame. Create a message to reach out to only customers who ordered and received the defected product.
  •  ⚠️Note: If you adjust the start date to a date in the past, you must also adjust the Delivery Window to go back that many days (60 days maximum).

Delivery window - send emails to orders as far back as 60 days in the past.

  • 💡 Example use case: You just signed up for Feedback Genius and want to send messages to past orders. Adjust the Delivery window to up to 60 days in the past.
  •  ⚠️Note: Even if you are not trying to capture past orders, we recommend keeping the Delivery window at 2 days or longer. This provides a buffer in case there is a rare delay syncing your Amazon orders to Feedback Genius.

2. Advanced Filters for Products

Target or exclude specific products by ASIN or SKU or groups of products by SKU pattern

  • 💡 Example use case: You want to attach an e-book pdf to messages for a particular product with ASIN1234. Create a message in which you target only ASIN1234. Create another generic message for all other products in which you exclude ASIN1234.
  • 💡  Example use case: You have a product line of hats with SKUs that all start with the code HA321-. You have a product line of socks with SKUs that all start with the code SO321-. Using the SKU Pattern Match filter, you can create a message that sends for all hat sales and create a different message that sends for all sock sales.

3. Advanced Filters for Shipping

Filter based on fulfillment channel: FBA, Merchant-fulfilled, or Any.

Target or exclude orders based on the Shipping country.

  • 💡  Example use case: You have a message translated into Spanish for buyers who live in Mexico. You target the Spanish message for "Shipping Country is" MX. (See country codes here.) For your English message, you exclude Mexico by entering MX for "Shipping Country is Not."

4. Advanced Filters for Condition of Item

Send messages based on the minimum condition of the product: New, Used - Like New, Used - Very Good, Used - Good, or Used - Acceptable.

  • 💡  Example use case: You decide to only send review requests to shoppers who purchased your product New (vs Used).

5. Advanced Filters for Price

You can filter messages based on the price of products purchased or whether or not they were discounted.

6.  Advanced Filters for A/B Testing

A/B test different versions of a message to optimize your subject lines or triggers!

  • 💡  Example use case: You send a message with two different subject lines to see which one gets the higher open rate. 
  • 💡  Example use case: You send a message with different event triggers to see which gets the higher open rate (ex. 2 days after delivery vs 7 days after delivery).

7. Advanced Filters for Retail vs Wholesale Orders

Send different messages to customers based on whether they are wholesale (B2B) or retail (B2C) orders.

8. Advanced Filters for Feedback or Returns

If you don't want customers to receive a message if they already left feedback or returned a product, use these filters.

Pro Tip: Use the [important] variable in the subject line of your message if this is critical to the customer's order. The following messages are considered critical to complete a buyer's order:

  • Product customization questions
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Issues with a shipping address
  • ❗️Beware that use of [Important] for non-critical messages may result in the suspension of your selling privileges by Amazon.

9. Advanced Filters for Repeat Purchases

Use the "Send this message for" filter to target or exclude a buyer based on how frequently they've purchased from your Amazon Store.

💡  Example use case: You sell a consumable product such as body lotion. Since you know that repeat buyers are probably happy with your product, you decide to send product review requests for buyers' second, third, fourth, and subsequent purchases. You create a more general "thank you" message to first time buyers.

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