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Create and automate powerful messages that improve your reputation, enhance the buying experience, and strengthen your relationship with your customers

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📌 COMMUNICATIONS SETUP #1: Approved Sending Email
📌 COMMUNICATIONS SETUP #2: Create Your First Automated Message
📌 COMMUNICATIONS SETUP #3: Set Up Review Tracking and Notifications
💪 OPTIMIZE COMMUNICATIONS Step #1: Add Short Names for Products
💪 OPTIMIZE COMMUNICATIONS Step #2: Auto-Forward to the Blacklist
💪 OPTIMIZE COMMUNICATIONS Step #3: Advanced Message Filters
Turn on Amazon's Request a Review Automation!
How do Amazon's data protection policies impact my message variables?
How do I make my messages Active?
How do I pause or delete a message?
Frequently asked questions about the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging service
How do I use the return features in the Communication Center?
Your Daily Limit for Sending Buyer-Seller Messages
How can I see what messages are being sent from the Communication Center?
How many messages should I send to my buyers?
How do I use the price and discount filters?
How do I exclude certain product ASINs or SKUs from receiving my message?
Add an Attachment to Improve Your Buyer-Seller Messages
How do I create counterpart message sequences?
What do the "SKU Pattern Match" and "SKU Pattern NOT Match" filters do?
What does the "Delivered Within" filter do?
What does the Minimum Condition filter do?
What happens if a customer buys 2 different products from me on ONE order?
When creating/editing a message, what should I put in the “Message Title” field?
Can I request product reviews?
Why do my messages with attachments show as sent in the Communication Center, but not in Seller Central?
Why are my messages not sending?
Stay Compliant with Amazon ToS - Don't Include External Links In Your Buyer-Seller Messages
Can I copy and paste content from another source into my message content?
What is the Blacklist?
Can I add custom HTML into my message templates?
Can I create a message filter for the destination / shipping country?
Can I email orders that are beyond 30 days in the past?
Can I send messages at hour-specific times?
How do email variables work?
Examples of the Communication Center Buyer-Seller Messaging email templates.
Can I skip sending a message if seller feedback has been left?
I am not receiving test messages
I cannot add an ASIN/SKU to my item filter fields
Are Test Messages sending to my customers?
I have multiple brands through the same Seller account. How do I accommodate for this on the Communication Center?
Amazon is informing me an email address is trying to send messages on my behalf
My Test messages don’t have working links
My message formatting does not match: some text font is different from others and are different sizes.
My Communication Center messages are generating auto-replies and disrupting my contact response time metrics. How can I resolve this?
On Seller Central's Sent messages page, why do the links in messages not appear to work?
Are my messages following Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Terms of Service?
How do I view my Seller Feedback?
My dashboard is not displaying product reviews. How do I begin to track product reviews?
Should I include the ASIN for the "Parent" or for the "Child"?
What's the difference between product reviews and seller feedback?
Can I receive a summary regarding my account's usage?
How do I stop sending messages to a certain order ID?
How do I change the sender in my test messages?
Messages are sending in the Communication Center, but not showing in Seller Central. Is my "Sending Email" set up correctly?
What are feedback notifications for?
Which mail carriers will the Communication Center pull tracking information from?
Does the Communication Center support non-Amazon marketplaces?
How do I automatically add customers who left negative feedback to the blacklist?
Can I receive text notifications from the Communication Center at an international phone number?
What order events can I send my custom messages on?
Why do I receive an email each day with the subject: "Notification of Open Listings Report availability"?
Does the Communication Center support sending messages for KDP (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing)?
Can I send messages to both my FBA and FBM (Merchant Fulfilled) orders?
Can I automatically add a customer to my Email Blacklist?
Amazon Code of Conduct Changes In Relation to the Communication Center
Target Repeat Buyers with Unique Amazon Emails to Get Reviews and Feedback
What is Request a Review Automation?
Target Amazon Emails to Specific Products for Improved Efficiency
Setting the Approved Sending email in Amazon Seller Central